Student Life

Who you will be twenty years from now depends largely on your experiences and relationships. At Emmanuel University we thrive on the relationships we develop inside and outside the classroom. Our Student Development team relentlessly serves with student leaders to create opportunities to cultivate life-giving relationships around significant purposes and meaningful life experiences.

 Involvement in clubs and organizations is a must for any Emmanuel University resident or commuter. Choose from a broad range of interest groups, student ministry teams, small groups, EU Serve short-term domestic or global missions, community service projects, residence life programs, and leadership training initiatives. Campus Life programming includes everything from whitewater rafting, skiing, hiking, and thematic events, to field trips, concerts, and experiential learning. Residence Life builds Christian community, supportive relationships, and learning environments. Spiritual Life provides a variety of chapel services, small groups, student ministry teams, Encounter Weekends, and other strategic programs designed to cultivate spiritual growth and development. Student Development provides counseling, mentoring, career planning, pastoral care, and other student services designed for your ultimate success as a thriving student at Emmanuel University. Student Life provides a framework for campus safety and living as a Christian community. 



Stay Connected

It is easier than ever to keep up to date with campus news and events or stay connected with former classmates!