Worship Ministry Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree in Worship Ministry prepares students to exalt Christ through the foundation of a secure understanding of Biblical worship that will equip them to both train local church musicians and lead others into the presence of God. This degree is within the School of Christian Ministries that provides the foundational theological and ministerial training combined with essential musical and worship leading skills. Musical training is developed sequentially in worship leading methods, music theory and aural skills. Artistic competence and skills are stressed in the applied areas of voice, keyboard, and other instruments from a position of Christ-like humility and service. Students are trained to be accomplished worship leaders and competent performers.

Worship Ministry graduates should be able to:

  1. Plan and administer an effective full-time worship music program and its components, including the supervision, organization, and spiritual leadership of all musicians, music budgets and other administrative duties.
  2. Train, equip and rehearse worship teams, musicians, and various small or large ensembles in regular worship and special events.
  3. Work effectively with a pastoral team in planning worship and ministering in other areas, as needed.
  4. Understand and use appropriate technology, including the use of sound and media in worship services.

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