The theater minor is 15 credits and can be completed alongside any major at Emmanuel. The course choices include the following:

A study of basic techniques and approaches to the art of acting.

A study of Western dramatic literature, the art and craft of the 20th and 21st century Theater. Includes an analysis of the play script, the audience, and the various elements of production and performance that constitute theater.

This course introduces students to Cinema Studies, including film history, film vocabulary, narrative analysis, and critical thinking. Film aesthetics and film as an art form are established through viewings and discussions of a wide variety of films.

A continuation of the study of acting technique with more emphasis on period styles, voice and movement (including basic stage combat), and faith-based explorations of theater for social change. This class will also include a basic introduction to applied theater arts related to acting (stagecraft and stage-management). Pre-requisite: “C” or higher in HU 203, or permission of the instructor.

This course explores the art, craft, and business of writing for film and television production. Focuses on story concept development, story structure, and character development. Special emphasis is placed on the use of visual imagery in the storytelling process.

This course is a study of a representative sample of Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, and histories, as well as his sonnets.  Prerequisite:  Grade of “C” or better in at least one 200-level English course.


A theater minor equips a student with analysis, interpretation, and acting skills as well as literary knowledge that would be beneficial to students interested in drama and working in the arts.

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