Hollinshead Future Educator’s Scholarship

This scholarship fund is a competitive program designed to recognize an incoming full-time, degree-seeking freshman student that desires to seek a career in education. Applicants from diverse and underrepresented student populations such as minority groups and first-generation college students are encouraged to apply.

Criteria: Recipients must apply for the scholarship prior to November 1 of their high school senior year to be
considered for review. The initial award amount is $1500 for the freshman and sophomore year until the student is officially granted admission to the Emmanuel School of Education program in their junior year of college enrollment. The award amount increases to $5000 annually for the junior and senior year of enrollment.

The initial process requires a scholarship application along with 3 supplemental documents: 2 reference letters and a 500 word essay. Please inform the individuals completing the requested academic and character references that all recommendations should be submitted electronically to Rose Dunaway, School of Education Administrative Assistant at rose.dunaway@ec.edu.

The award recipient will be determined by the School of Education Governance Committee.

Hollinshead Future Educator's Scholarship Application

Student Demographic Information

Academic Background

Selected Value: 2
Please provide your current Grade Point Average (GPA).
If you have taken the ACT, please provide your highest, single-test composite score.
If you have taken the SAT, please provide your highest, single-test combined Reading and Math score.

Recognition and Involvement

Supplemental Documentation

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a 500 word essay responding to the following prompts: • What does your future look like as an educator who is a professing Christian? • What makes you the best candidate to receive this scholarship opportunity? Allowable file extensions are .doc, .docx, .pdf.
Please provide the name of the teacher you have asked for an academic recommendation.
What date did you request the recommendation?
Please provide the name of the individual you have asked for a character recommendation.
What date did you request the character recommendation?
I affirm that the information on this form, the essay(s), and any other required materials is accurate and complete.

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