EU Serve

All it takes is a willing heart.

For some, this is just a tagline but for Mandy Moore, it’s an invitation.

When she took over as the Director of EU Serve in the fall of 2022, Mandy Moore did so with a plan to get more students plugged into service opportunities within our local community, regionally, and internationally. 

Throughout the school year, EU Serve worked closely with local organizations and Moore saw connections made and relationships with the community strengthened.

“Many of our students never noticed how many people were in need right here in our local community,” she said. “Serving locally allowed our students to see their neighbors with new eyes.”




Our Lions work closely with local organizations to lend a hand, however they can. This year, EU Serve has served in weekly food distribution efforts, has hosted events for students with special needs, and more! 

If you know of an opportunity for our Lions to serve locally, please contact Mandy Moore at 


Our Lions are looking for ways to make an impact in our region. If you know of opportunities to serve, please contact EU Serve Director, Mandy Moore at 

Through EU Serve, our students have the opportunity to travel across the nation and internationally to serve and spread the gospel! 

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