Driving Directions

Directions from Atlanta, GA
• Take I-85 North (toward Greenville, SC) to Exit 160 (GA 51) which is about the 159 mile marker on I-85.
• Turn right on GA 51 and go approximately 11 miles (you will cross over GA 106).
• Continue on GA 51 until you intersect with GA 145 (Gas Station will be directly in front of you).
• Turn right and go approximately 1/2 mile.
• Turn left on US 29 which will take you directly to the university (approx. 1/4 mile).

Directions from Greenville, SC
• Take I-85 South to Georgia Exit 173, Lavonia.
• Take Hwy 17 South to Royston (approximately 12 miles)
• Turn right on Hwy 29 South; go approximately two miles to arrive at Emmanuel University in Franklin Springs.

From Athens (about 30 miles)
• Take Hwy 29N towards Danielsville/Royston.
• Pass through Danielsville.
• Enter Franklin Springs; Emmanuel University is on the right.

From Anderson (about 38 miles):
• Hwy 29S towards Hartwell/Royston.
• Pass through Harwell and Royston.
• Enter Franklin Springs; Emmanuel University is on the left.

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