A Lasting Impact – Spotlight on Dr. Cyndee Phillips

When Dr. Cyndee Phillips attended Emmanuel, the campus and the community left a lasting impact.

Since then, she has found ways to give back to the institution through acts of service. 

Dr. Phillips had a successful career as a public education teacher and administrator, but in 2009 felt led to serve her alma mater in the School of Education as well.

Following her retirement from public education, she continued to serve Emmanuel in various roles as a volunteer, adjunct professor, Assessment Coordinator, Director of Institutional Research, Director of Assessment and Accountability. 

“My heart beats as a Lion,” she said. “I live in the community, my children were 4th generation Emmanuel students, and it’s my pleasure to serve Emmanuel.”

In May, with plans to retire from her post as the Director of Assessment and Accountability she received a call from newly appointed president, Greg Hearn to take on a role that made sense, Vice President for Academics. 

As someone who has been in education for 30-plus years, Cyndee considered the move a perfect fit. 

What interested her in education?

“I love to teach,’ she said. “I taught Sunday school, and have worked with children all my life, so it seemed to be a natural transition. I taught in the classroom for 15 years and was a district-wide administrator for 17 years, that expanded my ability to not only impact students but influence education as a whole by working with teachers and principals.”

She believes her administrative experience has prepared her for the challenges that will come with her new role. 

“I’m a natural problem solver,” she said. “I enjoy helping people think outside the box and enjoy learning. I don’t know everything, but I like to learn and want to know more.”

Already in her role, she has played a part in Emmanuel becoming a university and the implementation of a 4-day class model. 

What will this change bring to Emmanuel?

“Academically, I’m hoping we can have more course offerings, more programs, and more graduate degrees,” she said. “Having the prestige of University in our title allows us to provide other and better options for our students.”

As a lifelong learner herself, Dr. Phillips is eager to make an impact on the next generation of leaders.

“We are a small Christian institution,” she said. “Our mission is different than just filling someone’s head with information, we also have to reach their hearts to change lives.”

When Dr. Cyndee Phillips came to Emmanuel, the campus and community left a lasting impact. Now, she hopes in her role as Vice President for Academics, she can continue to do the same for the next generation.