Emmanuel Announces Dual Enrollment Grant!

Emmanuel College is excited to announce the installment of a Dual Enrollment grant, beginning in the fall 2023 semester. 

This grant will be available to any Emmanuel dual enrollment student that graduates from high school or the GED equivalent and enrolls in a degree program on the Emmanuel campus. 

A dual enrollment student that completes three credit hours (one course) at Emmanuel College is eligible to receive a $1500 grant ($750 per semester). A high school student that completes a minimum of six credit hours (two courses) is eligible to receive a $2500 grant ($1250 per semester).

The grant will be renewable each year provided the student maintains a 3.0 GPA or higher. 

Dean of Academics Jennifer Benson states, “We are excited to offer this opportunity to help our dual enrollment students continue their education with us for the duration of their college career.” 

For more information on the Dual Enrollment program at Emmanuel, visit https://eu.edu/admissions-info-for/dual-enrollment/.