Emmanuel Announces Lion Pride Scholarship!

We are thrilled to announce that beginning in fall 2023, incoming Franklin County area students will be eligible for the Lion Pride Scholarship. The scholarship is $1,500 per year and will be awarded to first-year, traditional students in hopes that they will choose to #StayALion!

Eligible students must:

  • Reside in Franklin County or attend Franklin County High School
  • Have a GED or High School Diploma. Homeschool students are eligible as well.
  • Be attending Emmanuel as a new student (former dual enrollment and transfer students are eligible).

Emmanuel President, Dr. Ron White believes this scholarship opportunity will continue to strengthen Emmanuel’s connection within the local community, where many graduates stay to pursue career opportunities!

“Emmanuel College has a long tradition of educating students from Franklin County,” he said. “You see our graduates working and serving in many roles throughout the county. This new scholarship enables the College to invest in our local area by helping more Franklin County High School students pay for college and earn a degree. The Emmanuel College Lions welcome the Franklin County Lions into our pride.”

Franklin County School District Interim Superintendent, Chuck Colquitt is excited about what the scholarship could provide for students.

“What it means for us at the school system level is that it gives our kids another opportunity,” he said. “It provides financial incentive to go to Emmanuel and allows for kids who want to get a great post-secondary education to do that.” 

Franklin County High School graduate and Emmanuel freshman, Miles Dodd chose to #StayALion because it felt like home. 

“I never planned on going here growing up, but knew it was here because both my mom and grandma went here,” Miles said. “In August of my senior year, although I had a few other offers to go elsewhere and play baseball, I chose to stay home and go to Emmanuel, and it’s been a great first year so far.”

Visit http://www.ec.edu to learn more about Emmanuel and how you can be a Lion!