Never a Doubt – EC Alumni Spotlight on Mickaela Davis

From a young age, Mickaela Davis knew she wanted to go into law. 

Why? Because she saw the system was broken and she wanted to help.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA. Mickaela attended Emmanuel College to play lacrosse and study Criminal Justice. She graduated in May 2022 as the Valedictorian. Following graduation, she went on to attend The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, where she is in her first year. 

In her first semester, Mickaela has already made an impact through her involvement in volunteer work with The Catholic Charities of Cleveland Pro Se Asylum Clinic.

“Through Catholic Charities, I had the opportunity to help those seeking asylum from their respective countries,” she said. “I helped clients fill out their court documents, and it was so great to see how grateful they were for Catholic Charities. Their stories were horrific, and we helped them file for asylum status, provide meals, whatever they needed.”

She also volunteered with the ACLU coalition’s Bail Reform data Project, by compiling data on bail requirements and how cash bail can be ameliorated to put a stop to unjust bail practices.   

This summer, she will serve as a Research Assistant for the Supreme Court of Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission. 

“In the state of Ohio, every county has a separate sentencing structure,” Mickaela said. “Someone charged with the same crime will be sentenced to severely more or less time based on what county they’re in. My job will be assisting in the creation of a uniform code for the courts base their sentences off of. It will make a huge impact to the entire state of Ohio.” 

Between her studies and work, time management is a skill Mickaela has had to utilize. 

“One of the main things I’ve focused on is keeping God at the forefront of all I do, knowing that I’m doing this through Him,” she said. “Also, taking everything I learned as a student-athlete and utilizing it here.” 

What advice would she give to someone looking to go into law?

“Don’t doubt yourself,” she said. “There are so many hoops to jump through to get into law school, if you doubt yourself for one second you won’t get through. Always remember that you’re capable of anything.”