Never a Doubt – EC Alumni Spotlight on Mickaela Davis

From a young age, Mickaela Davis knew she wanted to go into law.  Why? Because she saw the system was broken and she wanted to help. Originally from Philadelphia, PA. Mickaela attended Emmanuel College to play lacrosse and study Criminal Justice. She graduated in May 2022 as the Valedictorian. Following graduation, she went on to attend The Ohio State…

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Emmanuel to Host Community Celebration Night on February 21!

Emmanuel invites all local high school students to join us at a Community Celebration Night on February 21! The event will be centered around the Emmanuel Basketball games at 5p.m. (Women) and 7p.m. (Men)!  All area high school students from Franklin, Hart, Madison, Banks, Stephens, and Elbert counties will receive free admission to the game with their student ID. …

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Carpe Diem – EC Alumni Spotlight on Zack Tatum and Jason Marlowe

“We should just go into business together.”  This was a running joke between two college friends that frequently helped each other with freelance projects.  Until it became a reality.  Emmanuel alumni Zack Tatum (’09) and Jason Marlowe (’07) clearly remember signing the legal paperwork to form their business, “Market House” at Starbucks, where the words “Carpe Diem” were written…

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