Emmanuel Partners with Shepherd’s Hill Academy

We are excited to announce that Emmanuel has created a partnership with Shepherd’s Hill Academy to provide Emmanuel students with hands-on experience in their fields through job and internship opportunities. 

Through this partnership, Shepherd’s Hill Academy will notify Emmanuel of opportunities available for students and will recruit for those positions on campus. 

“In the past and present, we have been privileged to work with several high-quality students from Emmanuel College who have served our mission and our students and families with compassion and integrity,” said Haley Walker, Director of Human Resources for Shepherd’s Hill Academy. “We appreciate the Biblical lens through which EC instructs their students, and as a Christian organization ourselves, this partnership seemed very organic and meaningful. We are excited to partner with EC and their students to not only further our mission of bringing hope and healing to our students and their families, but also to provide valuable educational and professional opportunities (such as internships and working experience) to the students at Emmanuel College.”

Director of Student Success and Career Services, Katori Mobley is hopeful this opportunity will help prepare Emmanuel students for success.

“This is a great opportunity to get our students plugged in and get them some work experience while working on their degree,” he said. “Our goal is to create professionals as they leave this space at Emmanuel.”

Mr. Mobley hopes this partnership will open the door for Emmanuel to build relationships with other organizations looking for interns or student workers.

“I believe it lays the foundation and shows that Emmanuel is a career ready school,” he said. “At Emmanuel, you’ll get an in-classroom degree and prepare for your career at the same time.”

For more information on this partnership or to discuss creating a partnership with Emmanuel, contact Director of Student Success and Career Services, Katori Mobley at Katori.Mobley@ec.edu.