EC Serve Makes an Immediate Impact!

All it takes is a willing heart.

For some, this is just a tagline but for Mandy Moore, it’s an invitation.

When she took over as the Director of EC Serve in the fall of 2022, Mandy Moore did so with a plan to get more students plugged into service opportunities within our local community, regionally, and internationally. 

Throughout the fall semester, EC Serve worked closely with local organizations and Moore saw connections made and relationships with the community strengthened.

“Many of our students never noticed how many people were in need right here in our local community,” she said. “Serving locally allowed our students to see their neighbors with new eyes.”

When taking on the role of EC Serve President, Arielle Shiloh had to step out of her comfort zone. 

“It was a new experience and a challenge for me,” she said. “I learned a lot about leadership and how to adapt to situations. I also learned how to communicate effectively with my team and the organizations we’re serving alongside.”

Arielle’s favorite memory of the semester was from one of the final projects the group worked on collaboratively with Emmanuel’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). 

“Operation Christmas Child was one of my favorite memories,” she said. “We spent a lot of time working with SAAC, working on logistics, promoting, and planning our packing party. When we saw everything that was contributed and spent time together as a community providing a service, it was enjoyable to see it all come together.”

What encouragement would Arielle give students hesitant about joining EC Serve?

“There’s a place for everyone,” she said. “We are branching out and offering new opportunities, but every single person’s personality is necessary to service. It doesn’t matter what your personality is like, or what skillset or interests you have, there is a place for you.”

Mandy concluded by inviting those hesitant about volunteering with EC Serve to try it just once.

“I encourage students to try it once and see it as an opportunity to challenge themselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually,” she said. “Serve with an open mind and heart and allow the experience to impact them in unexpected ways. Service is always the most impactful on self and others when done with a willing heart.”

EC Serve Impact (Fall 2022)

•          28 events participated in

•          An estimated 324 volunteers

•          13 teams or clubs participated

•          Estimated 113 hours’ worth of service

Are you interested in volunteering with EC Serve or know of a local organization or ministry in need of volunteers? Contact Mandy Moore, Director of EC Serve –!