Emmanuel Academic Offerings Adjusted

Last week, Emmanuel College announced several changes. The College aims to create sustainable, mission-driven growth, with a focus on addressing current and future student needs.  While some changes are attributable to the pandemic (which saw a slight loss of enrollment in the traditional undergraduate program), inflation is also causing significant increases in expenses. To address these economic pressures and re-direct resources into areas of expansion, the College is discontinuing one academic program and eliminating several positions.

The College will close its music degree program at the end of this academic year. Enrollments declined dramatically prior to the pandemic and worsened as the pandemic wore on. As a result, the program is no longer viable.

The College will continue and strengthen its Worship Music program. In addition, the Emmanuel Singers, Resound, Conquest, and other music ministry groups will continue as an outreach of the College.

 As part of this plan to strengthen the College, several vacant positions across the College have been eliminated. These changes will strengthen the financial position of the College and allow the savings to be reinvested into building a stronger foundation for the future. 

Emmanuel College was recently approved to offer graduate level programs. Inaugural graduate degree programs launching this fall include:  Master of Elementary Education, Master of Exercise Science, Master of Christian Ministries, and Master of Divinity. Other undergraduate, online, and graduate degree programs aligned with the College’s mission and strategic direction are being considered for the future.