EC Student Publishes Book!

Dreams came true for North Carolinian Noah Carpenter when his book, A Time Between: Tales of the Devoted Ones, was published.

When talking about the process of writing his recently published book, he says, “I had actually started writing this in eighth grade, but it wasn’t exactly this.” He goes on to share that he took about six years off from writing these tales after almost 100 pages were lost of his work due to technology fails.

During his senior year of high school, Noah became interested in the 1500 years between creation and the flood. He was fascinated by how the stories fit together, so he began to do extensive research while allowing the Lord to guide his words.

Noah says that through his research, “The Lord allowed me to write Tales of the Devoted Ones.” Not only did Noah do extensive research, but he also spent many hours in God’s word and in prayer with the Lord. He says that there was a lot of self-reflection that took place in the process.

For Noah, the thought behind writing this book is to capture different spiritual conditions. He says that this book is the first of many, but this book will focus on the devoted ones. Noah defines the devoted ones as those “try to live like they’re saved, but still they love doing what they do, it still has a hold on their lives.”

When writing his book, Noah talks about how he intentionally used evangelism principles in hopes that the style of writing and use of these principles would draw people to the characters and the stories.

Throughout the writing process, Noah says the support from his parents was crucial. He emphasized that his mom was always there to listen to new ideas he had while giving him a little bit of guidance. Noah goes on to talk about how his dad helped him immensely when it came to big Bible questions.

It took Noah about three years to finish writing his book and an additional year to get it published. Luckily, Noah was able to find a great Christian publishing company called Covenant Books to publish his book.

If you’re interested in finding Noah’s book, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the Apple bookstore.

Emmanuel is so proud of you, Noah!