Where He Leads Me – EC Student Spotlight on Aleiah Winchester


This was the word Aleiah Winchester heard while attending a church service in Hungary over the summer, where she served with a team from The Awakening.

For many, this would have led to confusion, but Aleiah heard God’s voice clearly and felt immediate peace.

From a young age, Aleiah felt a tug on her heart toward the mission field. Originally from Bulgaria, Aleiah was adopted and raised in the United States but always felt led to travel and experience other cultures.

Aleiah sharing her testimony

As a sophomore at Emmanuel, the South Carolina native interviewed for the traditional, on-campus internship with The Awakening. With the group, she learned to be vulnerable and share her heart. When the opportunity arose to travel internationally with The Awakening for a two-month internship trip to Mexico, Hungary, and Peru, Aleiah quickly committed to going.

“I was searching for clarity last summer,” Aleiah said. “It was the summer before my senior year, and I was hoping the Lord would speak to me and share where He needed me.”

And he did.

As the senior gets ready to pursue mission work, she is thankful for her time with the Awakening and how the internship equipped her, giving her the tools to go out and serve. She is also thankful for her Emmanuel experience, and the people who have poured into her life along the way.

“Erica Campbell and Ashlee Hafner, they have both been so encouraging, “she said. “I grew up an only child, but they’ve almost been like sisters to me. I trust their input and the perspective they give.”

Head Athletic Trainer, Sandy Campbell has also made an impact on Aleiah during her time at Emmanuel.

“She’s poured into me so much,” Aleiah said. “I worked with her in the training room, and she’s been a mentor to me. We have a lot in common and she always holds me accountable.”

A major lesson that the Sports Management major learned while at Emmanuel was that you don’t have to be a Christian Ministries major to serve Jesus.

“Our calling is the same, but our assignments are different,” she said. “Be a disciple and go share the gospel. It’s all about how we respond and obey the calling He gives us. You have to have your ears tuned to what the Lord has for you, so that starts with knowing His voice and being consistent with him, daily.”

Aleiah found a world of opportunity available to her at Emmanuel and internationally, all she had to do was say yes to what God had planned for her.

HOME. This was the word Aleiah Winchester heard loud and clear while serving in Hungary over the summer.  Aleiah is unsure what God has planned next for her, but one thing is for certain…she’ll go and share the gospel whenever, wherever, and however He leads her.

If you would like to connect with Aleiah and hear more about her journey and how you can support her, email aleiah.winchester@gmail.com.