Shaping The Future – EC Student Spotlight on Briannah Henry 

Emmanuel College may reside in Franklin County, but for EC student, Briannah Henry, Franklin County has and always will be home.  

Briannah began her journey at Emmanuel when she dual enrolled as a high school student at Franklin County HS. She quickly fell in love with the small campus and found comfort in being surrounded by other believers. Briannah would later choose to run cross country while pursuing a degree in Physical Science.

When asked about why she chose Emmanuel, she credits three of her high school teachers.

“My mentors, the ones I valued and cared about the most, they’re the ones that, well, they didn’t push me to go here, but I think so highly of them I wanted to go somewhere that they value a lot,” Briannah said.

Briannah says that Mrs. Erskin, assistant principal at Franklin County, “stepped up and was a mom to me.” She continued to say that Kim Carrey pushed her to pursue Physical Education while Mrs. Ferris taught her how to be successful in college.

When Briannah talks about her time at Emmanuel, she speaks highly of her professors.

Briannah says, “the professors value every person here.” She notes that her professors have poured into her education, making her time at Emmanuel more enjoyable.

Dr. Rick Wilson is among the people Briannah named when thinking about standout professors. Her time on the cross-country team allowed Briannah to see Dr. Wilson teaching inside and outside the classroom.

“He makes every moment a teachable moment,” she said. “Whether it’s at practice or in the caf, wherever he is. He inspires me and encourages me every single day.”

In the future, Briannah wants to stay local.

“If I could, I would love to stay here and work at Franklin County High School,” she said. “I feel like there are so many dropouts these days and I think we need a turnover. I want to make a change, I want to build a program, not only in athletics. I look at PE as an academic… in my class I want you to understand things like you can get sick at a young age and how to help them learn to stay fit.”

Briannah is passionate about giving kids a place that feels like home. For her, her job at Zaxby’s in Lavonia became home. It is important for Briannah to show love to the kids she will be teaching. Most importantly, she can’t wait to be the teacher she needed.

We’re so proud of you, Briannah!