Go Into The Nations – EC Student Spotlight on Jordan Wallum

Go Into the Nations. This was a calling EC sophomore, Jordan Wallum heard loud and clear as a sophomore in high school.  At the time, becoming a missionary was something Jordan was interested in, but hearing the Lord’s voice speak the words was the confirmation she needed. 

Jordan accepted that calling and never looked back. 

Another decision she was sure of was that she would attend Emmanuel College, even though Franklin Springs was six hours away from her home near Falcon, NC.

As a Christian Ministries major at Emmanuel, Jordan has found professors who not only care but pour into their students daily.

“All of my professors in the SCM are phenomenal,” Jordan said. “Dr. Luper is one of the most faithful man I’ve met in my entire life. Just seeing how he commits every hour of his day to the Lord and then tries to pour into us out of that overflow, not out of a place of stress, is awesome.”

Jordan stays busy on campus serving as an RA for Jackson Hall, a leader of the Delight small group on campus, a CSO officer, a member of ELI (Emmanuel Leadership Initiative), and the Revive Dance team.

She is also involved as a traditional intern for the IPHC’s The Awakening on campus, something that she believes gives her great experience that will help her in her quest to become a missionary.

This past summer, she took the next step in her journey to become a missionary through completing an international internship with the Awakening.

Jordan and a group of friends from The Awakening Summer Internship

“Our group spent a week in Oklahoma City and then traveled to Mexico, Hungary, and Peru,” she said. “In Mexico we did a lot of humanitarian work like painting, delivering meals, and praying over people in parks and outside of hospitals. In Hungary, we got to see the Lord work in crazy ways. The Awakening has a Coffee Shop at their base in Hungary and we got to spend every afternoon hanging out with the kids there. It was more like what the life of a missionary would look like, building relationships and not just going all the time. In Peru, we traveled to different churches, and I got to share my testimony, which was great.”

What’s next for Jordan?

“Next summer I’ll be doing another internship with the Awakening,” she said. “Everything works toward my degree program and through this, I’ll have a better idea about where I want to serve.”

Next December, Jordan will graduate from Emmanuel and plans to spend six months to a year serving in either another country or here on American soil, wherever the Lord leads.

When Jordan first arrived on campus, one of the Awakening leaders on campus, Adam Pressley asked a question that stuck with her. “What will you lose by going and trying (a mission trip) for two weeks?” This is the same advice she would give to other students looking to enter the same field.

“This past summer I could have done anything else,” Jordan said. “But I gained so much from going and I feel like I changed so much. Even if you’re not called to missions, if you feel called to another ministry or if you just love the Lord, you should go do something somewhere. It doesn’t take anything away from you, but it teaches you about yourself and how to love others better.”

As a high schooler, Jordan felt the Lord call her to go into the nations and serve as a missionary. To this day, she hasn’t looked back as she continues to strive to serve the Lord and his people however she can.