Led By The Lord – EC Student Spotlight on Dylan Maynor

In the summer of 2019, Dylan Maynor felt the Lord place a calling on his life to not only pursue ministry, but to do so at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Ga. 

With a strong sense of peace, knowing that Emmanuel was where the Lord wanted him to be, Dylan decided to transfer to Emmanuel to complete his degree.

Now a junior, Business Education major and Christian Ministries minor, Dylan hopes to go into Youth Ministry after graduation and teach high school business, careers that he believes go hand-in-hand. 

How have his professors helped prepare him for the next chapter?

“Professors here share their knowledge with you and pour into you academically, but it’s more than that,” he said. “They pour into you spiritually, too. They want to help you develop as a student and a person.”

While at Emmanuel, Dylan has gotten involved in the Emmanuel Singers and The Awakening, a part of the IPHC World Missions program. 

“Both groups have given me opportunities to go and represent Emmanuel at conferences and churches all across the US,” Dylan said. “Through them, I’ve had the chance to interact with a lot of different people and prepare myself for ministry as well as my career in Education.”

For Dylan, the people at Emmanuel are what make the college unique. 

“We have some of the greatest people in the world here at Emmanuel,” he said confidently. “From Dr. White and Dr. Henzel to the custodians and cafeteria workers, we have so many people on this campus who are genuinely investing in the lives of students on a daily basis.”

Because of the people he has gotten to know on campus, he believes his faith has grown exponentially. 

“My faith has grown tremendously since coming to Emmanuel because I have people here who are invested in me,” he said. “They’re invested in me not only academically, but in my spiritual growth as well. These people are constantly trying to pour into me and disciple me. Having these leaders pour into me daily has definitely helped my faith grow during my time at EC.” 

As a transfer student, Dylan would give one piece of advice to others thinking about transferring to Emmanuel…pray about it. 

“Keep prayer at the center of everything,” he said. “Transition and change are never easy but God will be with you through it all and he’s going to look out for you, go before you and meet your every need. Also, be bold. If you feel God leading you here to Emmanuel, if you’re called to be here for whatever reason and you know the calling is from him, know that everything will work itself out.” 

Before arriving at Emmanuel, Dylan felt God push him toward ministry and a new chapter of his life in Franklin Springs, Ga. Since his arrival at Emmanuel, Dylan has felt a sense of peace knowing that God placed him here for a purpose and uses whatever outlet he can to encourage others to be bold and let the Lord lead.