Emmanuel College Turns 100!

A Word from the President

Welcome to the Centennial Year of the founding of Emmanuel College. For 100 years, the College has been transforming lives and making a difference in this world through education. Now more than ever, Emmanuel is positioned to accelerate its influence and enhance its mission.

For the past three years, our motto has been Pray First, Pray Through. Prayer brought us through one of the most difficult periods in the history of Emmanuel College, and last year, we witnessed a remarkable turnaround for the College as God showed himself strong by helping us break the stranglehold of debt and navigate to a position of financial stability.  Not only that, prayer will sustain us in the present and launch us into an exciting and boundless future.

In the Centennial Year, I ask three things of you:

  1. Pray for us now more than ever. Pray for specific initiatives as they are unveiled. Join my daily prayer blog at www.PrayForEmmanuel.blogspot.com. Ask others to pray and join as well.
  2. Recruit students for us now more than ever. Talk to potential students. Encourage them to consider Emmanuel. Direct them to our website: www.ec.edu.
  3. Support us now more than ever. Give as often and as much as God directs. Ask others to consider donating. Encourage your church to give. Establish a scholarship. Create an estate plan that includes the College.

May the next 100 years truly be transformative. It’s time to think differently, not for difference sake, but to do better, to be better. The problem for different-thinking people is the pushback from same-thinking people. Most of the world seems comfortable doing the same things in the same ways and getting the same results even when the outcomes are not nearly good enough. Not us. At Emmanuel College, we are attempting to do something greater, something better.

Join with us during 2019 as we celebrate our Centennial throughout the year. But as we celebrate the past, our vision is focused on the future. Emmanuel College. Now more than ever!

Ron White, EdD, President