Discovering a New Dream- Young Alumni Spotlight on Callie Sorrow

Unlike most students, Callie Sorrow, a May 2016 School of Christian Ministries graduate of EC, grew up on Emmanuel’s campus. Her grandfather, Earl Beatty served as the Vice President of Emmanuel College and her mother is an alumnus as well. When it came time to apply for college, although Callie wanted to stay close to her immediate family in San Antonio, Texas, she felt pulled to return to Emmanuel.

“I came to a Spring Preview during my senior year and I saw the EC Players perform,” Callie said. “My older brother was a student here, he started a year before I did. I really just got to experience the community side of life at Emmanuel and knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Over the next four years, that community helped shape Callie into the person she is today.

Two professors that Callie views as spiritual fathers for their mentorship and guidance are Pastor Tracy Reynolds and Dr. Mark Trump.

“They constantly mentored me not only in classwork and ministry work but in life,” Callie said. “They took time to become spiritual fathers to me, asked me how I was doing and were willing to take the time to stop, listen, and pray for me. I have such a deep respect for Pastor Tracy and Dr. Trump. All of my professors were fantastic, but those two have a special place in my heart because they poured so much into my life.”

During her junior year, Callie’s perspective changed when she traveled to the Philippines for two weeks with the Emmanuel Leadership Initiative team and Pastor Tracy Reynolds.

“That was a pivotal point for me in my time at Emmanuel because I realized that it was not about grades anymore,” Callie said. “The degree and diploma that I was going to Emmanuel to receive was not for me. It was about the people that I was wanting to serve later. If I was going to class just to memorize material, I was completely missing the point. I was going to obtain information to help people, to serve people later and it was those two weeks in the Philippines when I was asked a lot of tough questions and realized how unprepared I was.”

She returned home and all her priorities shifted as she realized that applying the information she learned to help serve those less fortunate was most important.

While at Emmanuel, Callie fulfilled a lifelong dream of living and working in Africa, as she worked in Kenya for three months completing an internship at East Africa Bible College.

Now that she has graduated, Callie has moved on to discovering a new dream.

“I’m still trying to figure it out, I did get to live my wildest dream at the age of 21, so now what?” Callie said. “That’s where the Lord and I are at, he’s helping me discover my new dream. My prayer since graduation has been, “Okay god, give me a new dream.”

Callie, who recently begun her Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis on Church Planning at Asbury Theological Seminary, knows one thing for sure. God has not called her to a life of remaining still.

“One dream and a goal of mine, by the time I turn 30 would be to do mission work to some degree in every single continent,” Callie said. “So I’ve got eight more years.”

Callie sees it as her responsibility as an alumnus of Emmanuel to spread the news about EC and what a great experience it was to those looking for something similar.

“Mainly just telling people about the beauty of this place,” Callie said. “Encouraging people I’ve met who have a desire to learn and grow, remind them that I know of a place where you can learn, grow, find your identity, and discover your dreams and I think you should give it a shot.”

Callie thanks God every day for the gift that is Emmanuel College.

“In so many ways, I’m indebted to the Emmanuel community,” Callie said. “The faculty, staff, and community at Emmanuel helped me discover who I am and in that, I found a deeper relationship with the Lord and King, they helped me discover my dream and live out a dream and begin living a new dream. “

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