Meet Our Centennial Graduates

Get To Know Emmanuel’s Centennial Graduates

Introducing Katharina Kiderlen

Originally from Kaufbeuren, Germany, Katharina came to Emmanuel as a member of the Emmanuel College Tennis team! She will graduate with a degree in Kinesiology.

After graduation, Katharina will attend Palmer College in Port Orange, FL where she will complete the Doctor of Chiropractic program. Her goal is to finish her schooling in the US and open her own clinic in Germany.

How did Emmanuel prepare her for what lies ahead?

“Emmanuel gave me the great opportunity of studying in a foreign country, playing sports, and learning about the American culture,” she said. “At Emmanuel, I gained a lot of basic knowledge in science and other subjects which I believe will prepare me for my future.”

What advice would she give to other students looking to go a similar route?

“Dream big,” she said. “If you really want something, go after it. Don’t be afraid of new and unfamiliar paths because those are the ones that will lead you to great opportunities and adventures.”

Meet Caleb Bonaventure

Caleb will graduate with a degree in Kinesiology and will go onto pursue his Master’s in Coaching from Greenville University in Greenville, Illinois. While there, he will work as a Graduate Assistant for the Men’s Volleyball program. His goal is to eventually become a head Volleyball coach at the collegiate level.

How did Emmanuel prepare him for the next step?

“Emmanuel has been a great stepping stone for me,” he said. “For the past two seasons, I’ve worked as the student assistant Women’s Volleyball coach where I gained experience and learned new coaching techniques.”

What advice would he give to students looking to pursue a similar path?

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and pursue opportunities,” he said. “Being a student assistant coach was a great learning experience for me when it comes to statistical, administrative, and coaching aspects of collegiate volleyball.”

Hello Pearllan Cipriano

Pearllan graduated with a degree in Pre-Law. After graduation, she plans to attend the Charleston School of Law where she will earn her J.D. (Master of Jurisdiction). She will be studying law and will focus on criminal and family law.

Pearllan’s goal is to not only become a lawyer but help broken families and abused women to overcome their situation through the use of the law.

How did Emmanuel prepare her for the next step?

“Emmanuel prepared me through the different classes I took,” she said. “Taking a minor in Criminal Justice with my major definitely helped me to understand the perspective of law enforcement as it pertains to law.”

What advice would she give to other students looking to go this route?

“Read and always put an effort into everything you do,” she said. “If you pay attention in class, do the work and stay on top of everything, you’ll succeed. Start studying for the LSAT and looking at law schools early on!”

Meet McKayla Parham and Brianna Morgan

Both McKayla and Brianna will be attending Augusta University (Athens Campus) where they will complete a Masters of Science in Nursing in the Clinical Nurse Leader Program. They both hope to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming Nurse Practitioners.

How did Emmanuel prepare them for what lies ahead?

“Emmanuel has prepared me for a wonderful life living for God,” Brianna said. “I would also say that Emmanuel has prepared me for the hard work that I will still need to endure. At Emmanuel, I have learned perseverance, to push through all my assignments and classes and to work hard in everything that I do.”

McKayla echoed Brianna’s statement on how her faith grew at Emmanuel.

“The biggest thing that Emmanuel has taught me is to glorify God in everything I do,” she said. “In my mind, that means to work as hard as I can and do my best at all times because God deserves my best.”

What advice would Brianna and McKayla give to others looking to pursue a similar career?

“Trust God always,” McKayla said. “His plan is the best plan. Even when His plan isn’t the plan you’ve envisioned, just trust him. He’s got you. Seek to glorify Him in everything that you do and nothing but success will be in your future.”

“It’s going to be hard, but you’ve got to give it your best so that when you look back, you’ll know that you put everything you had out there,” Brianna said. “If God wants you to go this route, He will make it happen, just trust Him and His will for your life and follow Him in all that you do.”